The laboratory is designed to carry out researches regarding the analysis for specific parameters of the electrical equipment and materials.

Research Laboratory Specific Applications Software for Engineering (SSAI)

Research directions performed in this laboratory:
– Modelling and simulation of the electro-thermal equipment in medium and high frequency electromagnetic field;
– Numerical modelling and the optimization of electro-thermal installations;
– Propagation of the electromagnetic waves through the guiding structures and the electromagnetic waves propagation modes;
– Solving the problems of electromagnetic field and heat;
– The distribution of the electromagnetic field and heat;
– Determination of process parameters for various electro-thermal equipments (power dissipation, the absorbed power, resonant frequency, quality factor, etc.);
– Analysing the specific parameters of the electrical equipments and materials;
– Study the direct components of the electric field, respectively magnetic;
– Determination of the electromagnetic field distribution in a resonant structure;
– Modelling and simulation of the electrical circuits;
– Modelling and simulation of the superconducting environments;
– Designing the industrial electrical installations, etc.;
– Developing specific software or applications for the electrical engineering domain.