Research Laboratory Superconductors and Superconducting Systems (LCS)

Laboratory aims to develop research and studies on electro-technical and superconducting materials.
The main research directions from this laboratory are:
– Studies and research on the alloys-the superconducting powders;
– Research on the superconducting materials, interactions between the structural components, research and testing on the assessment of superconductors, testing of the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the resulting products;
– Research on the behaviour of the superconducting materials (degree of compaction, density, chemical composition, moisture, granularity, porosity, resistance to fatigue, to cycle frost-thaw and to crushing), interaction with corrosive environments, proposing solutions to improve the existing networks;
– Theoretical and experimental research on the study and the improvement regarding the behaviour of the elements from the superconducting materials, in
order to determine global and particular solutions for the minimization of the production impact and the post-use;
– The use of conventional and unconventional experimental methods in order to determine the performance levels of the materials, elements and structures built.